Why have a cake when you can have a CAKE?!

My adventure into cake making wasn’t so straightforward (are many adventures?), and it almost seemed like I took the opposite path to begin with.  With background in science, I find there’s something beautifully scientific about baking and the many ways the same ingredients can become something totally new. I love expressing myself with the designs and the playful nature of cake decorating.

I’ve paralleled my science career with a series of acclaimed  baking courses to take my skills to a fancy new level so I could take more of my ideas and make them a reality.

My science brain and bakers’ brain are best friends, and they find a happy medium in the beauty of experimenting and the precision of doing it all!

Hello! I'm Amalina

I'm inspired by modern art and architecture, and this can be seen through my obsession for clean lines, creative colour palette and texture, and sculptural-inspired design.

Like art, I believe cakes should delight the eye. I like to experiment with techniques and, play with form and movement to create an elegant and contemporary masterpiece.

“With sharp, modern designs that belong in a museum, Amalina has mastered blending playful and sophisticated concepts to give depth to each bespoke order.”

With a background in green energy, I’m driven to create an eco-friendly business using 100% renewable energy, recycled/recyclable packaging, reducing waste as much as possible (which is a well known issue in the industry!), and cutting out single-use plastics.

We all need to do our bit to keep our carbon footprint low, and save our planet.

No planet = no cake. Could you imagine?!

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